Small space decorating can be a challenge. Nobody wants to feel like they live in a wooden box, especially with clutter and unnecessary stuff taking up much valuable floor space. However, there are tricks and tips to make a tiny apartment feel grander than it is! With the right play of light colors, well-positioned and appointed furniture pieces, prudently creating more space, and other tips, you can maximize small spaces and make your small apartment feel roomier and more pleasant. Interior design on a budget doesn’t equate to being bare. Pulling off properly appointed accents in combination with the right furniture for the space can still come up with something reminiscent of luxury home interior design ideas, even for a small apartment.

Tips for Maximizing Small Apartment Spaces

In today’s world, living in a city means we need some refuge after a hard day’s work. Maximizing the limited space in a small apartment without breaking the bank is one of the challenges an interior designer faces for many clients. Despite the limited space, luxury interior design has its place to bring these spaces to life.

The square footage for typical apartments that bring the most challenge is around 400 for the entire living space, including all rooms. That means you won’t have a large living room or a dining room to work with. With a small living room measuring around 100 square feet, every element in the room has to work together to provide both character and the impression of heft to small spaces. These small apartment design ideas create visual space in novel ways. All the furniture, accent pieces, wall sconces, and storage space are calculated precisely to fit the space while allowing people to move about with more freedom. For a studio apartment design that measures 200 square feet, these tips will surely be helpful.

Have an Open Floor Space Layout

First of all, maximize the small space by not blocking pathways with furniture. Place bulky furniture pieces against the wall to prevent a cramped layout. The priority is to maximize the floor space for a tiny apartment, even if such moves will lead to less than ideal interior design.

Make Your Space Well-lighted

Even if it has a small space, a well-lit room will make it look larger. You can make your small spaces look even more prominent if you allow as much natural light into your studio apartment. If they are well lighted, a small living room will look like larger living rooms. If you can’t allow natural light in, you may consider brightening up your small space by introducing well-placed lighting fixtures. Consider warm yellow lighting instead of bright white. Consider cove lighting as it makes provides an appearance of high ceilings. Depending on the space, floor lamps may work well in limited spaces if their role is to supplement the lighting while being placed in an area that is not utilized otherwise. Not only is well-placed lighting a prudent interior design on a budget, but it is also one of the easiest among luxury home interior design ideas to pull off. Note how a 200-square-foot space can be made larger with an open floor layout, light color palette, and generous lighting as we did for our escape to the beach project.

Space Well-lighted interior design

Use Taller and Wider Curtains

Do not underestimate the opportunity that curtains can provide by extending the visual space of your windows. You can extend your curtain rod by at least 12 to 15 inches on both sides of the window to make your windows appear wider. Then make sure the curtain length goes all the way to around 1 inch above the floor. Note how we were able to make the space look larger with extended curtains to make the windows much larger than they are in our Woodbury dream project.

Taller and Wider Curtains

Use Taller Bookshelves and Storage Spaces

Your wall space is precious if you have the limited square footage to work with, so you need to ensure that you can maximize all opportunities to store. Since the floor space in a small apartment is limited, using tall bookshelves and wall shelves to maximize storage opportunities is a given. Not only will you minimize visual clutter, but you can also use your tall shelves to display accessories, artwork, and home decor. Best of all, a tall bookshelf visually stretches your wall by making it taller. Another design idea is to use a storage wall whose design blends with the room’s overall design.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces

Multi-purpose furniture pieces could be chairs sliding under tables while having one side containing a small cabinet. Another novel idea is about having beds with floorboard drawers. One of the most popular multi-purpose furniture pieces is a futon or a modular sofa bed instead of a traditional couch if you need a guest bed. You can also maximize small spaces by having foldable desks to allow more walking space. These furniture pieces are practical interior design ideas on a budget because you are acquiring double-duty pieces for the price.

Use Glass Tables, especially for your Living Room

Glass tops for furniture, such as a glass coffee table and a glass dining table, inject an airy feel by looking blending into a room. Other design ideas call for using transparent acrylic as tops. A coffee table made of transparent acrylic is tough enough to act as a bench in case you need extra seating in the small space allowed by your small apartment.

Either Don’t Use Rugs or Select Those That Blend With The Floor

Going back to the subject of the transparent coffee table, you can maximize the airy vibe created in a small living room by foregoing rugs entirely. If you still prefer to use rugs, then ensure that you choose colors that make them blend with the floor. The worst color you could select are colors that will contrast strongly with the colors of your furniture, walls, or floor. For instance, a red rug will instantly shrink your small space even further.

Liberal Use of Mirrors

If your budget allows it, having floor-to-ceiling mirrors can literally multiply the impression of space in a small apartment. The reflective surfaces of mirrors amplify ambient lighting. As mentioned earlier, a well-lit room creates an image of a bigger space. Maximizing the small spaces in a small apartment using mirrors is one of the luxury home interior design ideas that are relatively affordable. However, if you seek interior design ideas on a budget for mirrors, you can try using floor mirrors instead. The best example is a small room with a square footage of 60. Though the small room can only contain a bed and a cabinet, the floor-to-ceiling window will surely make the small room, or dorm room, look double its size.

Use Light Wall Colors

Consider using light colors when it comes to small apartment designs. A light color palette always gives an impression of a bigger space. The colors won’t have to be pastel. If you are masculine, then there are muted colors available such as beige, off-white, white, or some shades of pastel colors. The reflective surface of light-colored walls makes the space more well-lighted, making the small space in a small apartment look more open and airy. Note the open layout, meaningful use of space and light wall colors can make the wall look larger than it is in our Cheers-to-the-Weekend project.

Light Wall Colors interior design

Avoid Visual Clutter or Overdoing Your Decor

Aside from bulky furniture, the most apparent don’ts in small apartment design ideas is to leave a lot of visual clutter. Visual clutter doesn’t mean stuff lying about, but a misplaced decor creates the same effect, especially for a small living room or dining room in a small apartment. More so if you have so many of these. Note the other tips on tall bookshelves. You may need to place your decor there instead if not putting them away altogether.

Takeaways: A Small Space Can Be Luxurious, Airy, and Pleasant

As an interior designer, I find joy in being able to create a space that our clients will appreciate for years. Nothing else satisfies me than hearing about how our clients love our work. A tiny home or a small apartment, though challenging, is highly satisfying to me. Moreover, it is an opportunity for me to help my clients with luxury home design ideas that won’t necessarily mean it will be pricey. To bring out the ultimate interior design for your home that can work, whether it is for a small apartment or a stately home, call us at (631) 987 9659 or book now for your custom consultation. We also offer other services such as getting that perfect window treatment, custom upholstery, project management, home accessories, kitchen designer, flooring experts, and a full range of contracting specialists in one stop! For the perfect luxury interior design ideas that can fit any living space, Interior Design by Nancy is the place to go to create these luxury design ideas for you.