The living room is where we spend quite a lot of time, whether where we spend our own moment, or with other people. This place is probably where they will get a lasting impression of our home for our guests. Among all the rooms in your house, the living room is the place where it should be the most well-appointed, well-judged, and well-designed of all. No dream home is complete without an eye-catching common room with a great interior design. Most luxury interior design ideas emphasize pulling off a pleasant, balanced, and luxurious feel to a living room. For any interior designer who has earned their wings, providing the best design styles that will suit their clients, and befitting luxury homes is highly desired. Even if you want to extend luxury interior design for an assortment of living spaces, from palatial homes to interior design for small apartments, everything is possible. It will just take an ounce of inspiration and a deep understanding of how to play with the light and space of your own home.

Intimate Furniture Arrangement

We start by recommending an intimate furniture arrangement to maximize the space in your living room. Your living room, after all, is where you will spend a lot of time with your family or with your guests. This type of arrangement allows for smooth conversations while providing space for your accent pieces. Though optimized measurements are essential for more confined spaces, such as apartments, arranging furniture closer to each other allows for a more practical look as much as the luxurious feel of creating more space. Moreover, this furniture arrangement can work well even if you execute an interior design on a budget for small apartments and condos.

Hide Your Television

Notice that you will rarely find televisions gracing the cover of high-end interior design magazines? Let’s admit that in some interior designs, having exposed televisions, or appliances, are an eyesore. We recommend that you camouflage your appliances to maintain the level of sophistication in your living room. Suggested luxury interior design ideas include a sliding wall covering or mirrored doors. If your space is limited, you can draw attention away from your television or appliances by placing an accent piece or an art arrangement alongside them.

Lighting Is Everything

Add a sense of warmth and character to your living room by playing with your lighting. Ambient lighting is essential, especially for modern living room designs. Let in as much natural lighting to make your living room appear much larger than it is. Highlight the special features of your living room by providing pendant lighting for smaller spaces or well-appointed chandeliers if the interior design calls for it. If you seek ideas for an interior design on a budget, playing with the light can take you long to approach the luxury living space you want. Lighting is also one of the best interior design ideas to maximize the level of luxury and pleasant feel in our escape to the beach project.

bright living room design

Mind The Other Rooms

Nowadays, the dining room is visible from the common room in most luxury homes. That is why interior design ideas never take matching the dining room with the living room design cues for granted. Make sure that your dining table matches your living room furniture. The opportunities for social interaction go throughout the same floor spaces, making your dining room, foyer, or any adjoining space integrated as one. If your budget can afford it, consider placing your common room at differing heights from the rest of the adjacent rooms, preferably at a sunken level. This way, you can create an impression of spaciousness. In our elegant entries project, we were able to create this by merging rooms together through creating a welcoming atmosphere when switching rooms.

open dining hall interior design

Express Through Well-Appointed Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

Make your common room more expressive by using the right upholstery for your furniture supplemented by soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs, and throw pillows. The right colors and texture play with the light and shade to bring a warm feel to your room. Explore more options for your rugs, sofa, and chairs, by being more creative with your fabric choice. The luxurious look is accentuated by soft furnishings such as throw pillows, upholstery, curtains, and rug as we were able to create in our stitch-in-time project.

soft furnishings interior design

Accent Pieces

Bringing life through decor does not equate with making your interior spaces more cluttered. The best way to fill your living room space with accent pieces is to contrast them with the existing lines in your room. For instance, a modern common room may have more straight lines. Therefore you will need a well-placed curved sculpture or select one or two pieces of furniture with more curves. Luxury interior design ideas don’t need to be gaudy. In fact, simplicity is the key ingredient in luxury interior design.

Takeaways: Not Everyone Can Turn In The Style!

A dream home with a luxury interior design doesn’t mean it should be replete with accessories and decor. A well-appointed luxury interior design focuses on a balanced form where you can achieve a pleasant space with a perfect blend of texture, form, and quality. Luxury interior design ideas don’t mean it has to cost the homeowner too much. Even interior design on a budget will still stand out. An inspired high-end interior design concept is simple as much as it is elegant. To bring out the ultimate interior design for your home that can work in all seasons, call us at (631) 987 9659 or book now for your custom consultation. We also offer other services such as getting that perfect window treatment, custom upholstery, project management, home accessories, kitchen designer, flooring experts, and a full range of contracting specialists in one stop! For the perfect luxury interior design ideas that can fit any living space, Interior Design by Nancy is the place to go to create these luxury design ideas for you.