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Interior design by Nancy is the go-to Luxury Interior Design firm for busy professionals on Long Island, New York, the North Shore, North Fork, and the Hamptons.  The hallmark of our work is stress-free design for the client with a classic, livable and satisfying result.  
We understand busy people – so we work, on your behalf, to achieve your ideal version of luxurious living, blending with practical comfort and ease of living.  We come alongside you in your busy life to take the reins (and the woes of project management) from you to deliver your ideal home.  Your lack of time should not stand in the way of a flawless home design.  Our creative confidence benefits you in your design needs with expert execution and complete project management for every project. We are obsessed with the details of your design and work so hard to bring your best vision to life. We take the stress of handling all of the many choices and decisions that come with project management and logistics to ensure that you receive a stress-free experience and avoid costly mistakes.  Every project is custom, new and unique just like you! Allow us to begin this journey with you.

Our Design Services

We are flexible with so many ways to serve you.  Here are just a few: 
Initial Consultation for interior design
Full-Service Luxury Interior Design
Construction and Remodeling Services
Kitchen Specialist Services
Bath Specialist Services
Project Management
Use of trade partnerships

Your life's dream, our life's work!

Your input and style is so important to us. We create spaces that will make your heart sing! With your approval along every step of the way.  Functionality is key for your space while addressing the needs of your family and lifestyle. We welcome every interior design style and esthetic and focus on you and your needs. Your happiness at the end is our main goal for your project.  To see you comfortable, and ecstatic in your own space gives us joy! We are the go-to design firm for busy professionals and the luxury market. And the hallmark of our work, truly, is stress free design for the client with a livable, satisfying result. You deserve a confident, trustworthy advocate for your home. 

We are your designers!

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